Thursday, February 8, 2007

The mindset of conspiracy

Why would an organization such as the NWO or Illuminati want to exterminate the population when humans are so easy to control. Techniques such as Caesar's bread and circuses have been refined and improved in media such as TV, movies, and pro sports. There are hundreds of channels of programming with advertisements to encourage losing oneself in a never ending rat-race of consumerism. If you have control, why would you want to destroy civilization?

The very far out theories of alien invaders or spiritual warfare avoid these logical problems, as they need no explanation for the conspiracy beyond pure malice. Of course, couldn't powerful aliens just easily get rid of humans with a powerful advanced weapon? Why would they need a hidden conspiracy? If they have the technology to visit earth, surely they could do whatever they wished once here.

Spiritual warfare is by definition resistant to critique. Spirituality is based on faith and belief. Spiritual beings can not currently be measured with scientific instruments. Apocalyptic battles have been raging in our myths since the dawn of language. This is likely why many conspiracy theories eventually lead to Apocalypse.

Whether by aliens or demons, there is generally a secret war going on. Only a few awake individuals understand the gravity of the situation. These projections of evil serve a useful purpose, as it is hard to imagine that humans are capable of the terrible things they are doing in the world today. Being part of the few awake individuals provides a community of like minded individuals who also have managed to apprehend the struggle ahead. This unity appeals in a culture such as ours that has seriously eroded social connection and community ties. Finding other like minded people is more than a breath of fresh air, it is necessary to our mental health.

Look around. Bad things are happening. Lives are exploited in harsh economic systems or sacrificed in wars that mainly serve the profits of the elite. Fascism and fundamentalism are smouldering and slowly growing in strength. Civil rights erode. People suffer without health care while oil companies post record profits. Climate change is altering our ecological framework, and extinction and loss of biodiversity plague earth's biosphere.

Something is going on. Maybe it is spiritual warfare or alien manipulation. Maybe it is the ravages of greed, fear and lack of compassion or empathy in a world shaped by grave technologies such as nuclear or biological weapons of mass destruction. As a citizen outside of the elite circle of oligarchs, one can only search for the truth and try to network and act with the limited resources of the controlled. Whether projections of despair or hidden menace, these dark forces wield great power in the Fringe.

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