Sunday, June 10, 2007


Sungazing seems like a practice that is truly on the blinding edge of the Fringe. The leading proponent of this practice, Hira Ratan Manek, makes some extreme claims. He states he has lived since 1995 without eating food, relying only on the sun's energy for nourishment. He lauds sungazing as a panacea for ailments both mental and physical. These claims and more can be found at the Solar Healing Center. I was unable to find any solid scientific verification of his claims on the Internet. He reports having several thousand followers who are also able to live on sunlight, but this was also difficult to verify.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Problem Reaction Solution

This rockin NWO video has some big fish cameos but is a bit heavy handed with the repeated phrases...

The Pentagon is broken

The 9-11 Pentagon evidence is the gateway for many people's concerns about a possible 9-11 conspiracy. There was clearly a concerted effort to gather the video evidence starting mere minutes after the attack. None of this evidence was released in a timely manner. At this point, any of this evidence released in the future will be suspect as there has been plenty of time to doctor the footage.

This lack of transparency is indicative of the erosion of our democracy. If there was nothing to hide, releasing the evidence immediately would have precluded any suspicion of foul play. Governmental transparency is the only way to safeguard human rights from abuses of power. The current leadership has consistently moved to diminish transparency and oversight. Maybe the NWO crowd is right when they warn of approaching totalitarianism. The recent trends in erosion of civil rights are not encouraging...

Thursday, June 7, 2007


The best special sauce for the intergalactic set!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

If you believe they put a man on the moon.

The conspiracy theory that the Apollo moon mission was a hoax is an old favorite that gets little attention in these days of 9-11, 2012, and UFO's. Here is a nice video that explores the classic idea that NASA faked the moon landings.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Disclosure Project

This video provides a glimpse at some of the credible witnessess from government agencies that the Disclosure Project has assembled who are willing to testify in front of Congress regarding their UFO/Alien experiences. The Disclosure Project is headed by Steven Greer, M.D. who started this project in 1993. I am not sure how active the organization is at this point, but they offer access to their online archives if you are willing to pay for the subscription.

Alien Beats

Here's a nice Alien Hip-Hop video. Enjoy!


While most common conspiracy theories promote resigned capitulation from paranoia overload, there is a movement of freedom fighters who feel they are struggling against the NWO and its reptilian alien allies/masters. The members of this resistance call themselves "gifters." They believe they can fight chemtrails and electromagnetic pollution/attacks with their gifts.

The gifters secret weapon is Orgonite. This material is named in reference to the energy described by the maverick Psychiatrist/Scientist Wilhelm Reich. This orgone energy is supposed to be an analogue of the Eastern Qi, a sexual life energy that can be of two polarities - postive orgone radiation (POR) and deadly orgone radiation (DOR). Orgonite is purported to be able to convert DOR into POR.

The word "Orgonite" was coined by a man named Karl Hanz Welz. He sells very expensive orgone generators and radionics devices on his various web pages. He denies that orgonite has the ability to convert DOR to POR, stating that you would need to purchase an orgone generator for this, available on his website for $180 to $1800. His main current focus seems to be magick and radionics. Mr. Weltz is very upset that others are selling orgonite products as DOR to POR converters instead of as orgone accumulators, and has an entire page of his website devoted to this issue.

According to the many supporters of the Orgonite gifting movement, this material does indeed covert DOR into POR. It seems the main way in which this is measured is by psychic sight and confirmations observed in the weather. Don Croft is the controversial ringleader of the orgonite movement. His stories are highly entertaining and involve loads of paranoia, aliens, attempted poisonings by various government agencies, and accounts of various gifting campaigns over the years. He maintains the invitation-only web forum (EW) which can be read by anyone. Drop by and download the Adventures of Don and Carol Croft, which can be found on the lower left side of his forum layout. These stories are a very fun read, if perhaps a little bit "out-there." They will be delightful for lovers of the Fringe and give some background to the Gifting movement phenomenon.

Mr. Croft used to be active on another Orgonite web forum, WarriorMatrix. This site is run by "Sensei Dennis" Griffin. It seems that there was a schism in the Orgonite community in which Don Croft decided that Sensei Dennis was an agent of the NWO, or at least not committed enough to maintaining a "pure" forum free from infiltrating disinfo agents. Mr. Croft has made occasional cryptic remarks about this schism in his posts on EW. Sensei Dennis used to post to Etheric Warriors prior to the schism, but appears to have lost his posting privileges there at this time.

From my Internet research, I cannot find any scientific instruments that are capable of measuring orgone energy. In one anecdote, Dr. Reich was said to use a modified Geiger-counter, but it does not seem that modern science has any instrument capable of verifying the claims made of orgone energy or whether Orgonite can change DOR to POR. Of course, on the Fringe we usually can't expect scientific validation... These communities are a growing development in the world of the Fringe, and it will be interesting to see where the orgonite movement will head next!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

X marks the spot of Big Badness!

Nibiru. Planet X. An "unknown" planet in our solar system with a 3600 year orbit around the sun. According to this video producer, the passage of Nibiru through our region of the solar system could induce massive tidal forces and even stop the earth's rotation!(?)

Nibiru is supposed to be the planet where the Annunaki reside as well. My favorite part of this video is the pictures of giant humanoids that are 36 feet tall. Searching for more info on the pictures has dropped me into another rabbit hole, so I will save more thoughts for later! If you have good information on this drop me a line in the comments.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Back from the abduction

Conspiracy theory is like anything else. It is possible to overdose on the torrents of information out there. Pretty soon all the flavors of paranoia start to blend into boredom.

When it comes down to it, conspiracy theories can be surprisingly un-inventive. There is a yet-unseen uberpowerful force plotting to either kill, enslave, or inflict other forms of badness on humanity. Only the elite, "awake" and vigilant few have any chance to react to the Big Bad. Unfortunately, the awake usually have no plans for resistance and are rather wallowing in futility.

Given that this mirrors the way most of us feel about exploitative oil companies and military industrial complex corporations, I cannot fault the resignation and chicken-little enactments. However, this does explain why Fringe topics may sometimes need to be taken in measured doses!

In returning to my mission, I will be posting more frequently but with less pressure to provide commentary. I am hoping a narrative will emerge from the Chaos explored that may lead us towards insight or at least provide some entertainment.