Friday, June 1, 2007

Back from the abduction

Conspiracy theory is like anything else. It is possible to overdose on the torrents of information out there. Pretty soon all the flavors of paranoia start to blend into boredom.

When it comes down to it, conspiracy theories can be surprisingly un-inventive. There is a yet-unseen uberpowerful force plotting to either kill, enslave, or inflict other forms of badness on humanity. Only the elite, "awake" and vigilant few have any chance to react to the Big Bad. Unfortunately, the awake usually have no plans for resistance and are rather wallowing in futility.

Given that this mirrors the way most of us feel about exploitative oil companies and military industrial complex corporations, I cannot fault the resignation and chicken-little enactments. However, this does explain why Fringe topics may sometimes need to be taken in measured doses!

In returning to my mission, I will be posting more frequently but with less pressure to provide commentary. I am hoping a narrative will emerge from the Chaos explored that may lead us towards insight or at least provide some entertainment.

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