Monday, October 22, 2007

The Legend of Atlantis

This video is great fringe entertainment. It starts of with a cosmological theory that weaves together aliens, reincarnation, and inter-galactic soul development. We find the Elohim, who are banished from the center of the earth for procreating with mortal humans, along with spiritual guides who are either fallen Elohim or descendants of their interbreeding with humans.

From Atlantis, we are taken to the Illuminati and their plan for a one world government. This process is shown in a relatively positive light, and we are given the impression that all the wars and suffering were just part of the higher power's plan. Aliens are presented as benign beings who have the best interests of humanity as their agenda.

Overall, this video provides an interesting twist on the typical alien-atlantis-spiritual fall-coming new age fare. It seems to have been made by members of an alien cult. You can find more information at the dated website.

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