Monday, November 5, 2007

The War Etheric

Fringe authors often report fantastic, bizarre stories that sound like fantasy or science fiction, but Don Croft is probably one of the most entertaining characters occupying the fringe world.  He is intimately involved in the orgonite community, and is credited with inventing many of the basic orgonite technologies including towerbusters, holy-hand-grenades, and cloudbusters/chembusters.

Mr. Croft often predicates his tales with the disclaimer that his experiences and reports are subjective and all thinking and discernment should be undertaken by the individual readers.  Here's an exerpt from a recent post from his web-forum, Etheric Warriors:

Our efforts to ’balance’ the human culprits who slaughtered the dolphins led us to the discovery of some underground, prehistoric crystal city sites that were part of the very ancient Lemurian global civilization and this led us to a large number of hyper dimensional portals that the world odor was in the process of using to bring a huge army of bugs into our dimension from that big ship that looks like a comet.

The biggest city/portal is apparently in central India but when we started boosting this site our effort was joined by a large number of whales and dolphins, who showed the psychics all the rest of the portals: around two per continent, then they led the way out to the fleet of bug ships, which were apparently destroyed/disabled, then to their home planet, where we and the cetaceans really cleaned house, as we’d done repeatedly on the draconian’ home planet around the star, Arcturus, over the past year or so. Stevo told us that he’d never seen whales creating dodecahedrons around ships in space, before this.

This is a great example of the content you will run across in Don Croft's writing.  In his tales of battling the NWO and his efforts at "gifting" orgonite and fighting predators and parasites, he maintains an entertaining and engaging narrative while traversing through bizarre territory featuring aliens, psychics, orgone energy, covert ops, brainwashing, and a monumental battle for liberty and peace against a vast secret conspiracy. You can check out The Adventures of Don and Carol Croft, and his book: The Life Etheric with Carol Croft if you want to dive into the Don Croft rabbit hole. Have fun!

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