Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Disinfo from step one.

Beginning our tour of the Net Fringe is a venerable website from the early days of the Internet. is paradoxically a relatively reliable source of information on topics ranging from politics, globalization and technology to drugs, sex and the occult. Disinfo generally maintains a non-radical viewpoint involving conspiracy or occult issues, posting articles from believers, non-believers and agnostics allowing the readers to think for themselves.

Disinfo is an excellent starting point for the novice to ease into the world of the Fringe that promises significant depth and balance to those who continue to explore. Its editing and production values are professional which contributes to longterm utility as a news source. The site shows influences from Robert Anton Wilson and postmodern occultists. The Disinformation Company has published books about these ideas as well as works on many other Fringe topics.

Using a site called Disinfo for news and information is a wonderful irony. However, Disinfo has gained cred by repeatedly publishing stories that were ignored by the mainstream media. I hope you enjoy their spin as much as I have.

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