Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Grousing Grampa style

Starting this project brings back memories of my grandfather, a salt-of-the-earth rancher/farmer who went to Germany in WWII and had a keen libertarian streak. He was very suspicious of the government, especially after seeing how the German folk had been manipulated into genocidal atrocity by their leadership. He always maintained that the same thing could happen anywhere. He had a personal preventative arsenal of firearms, and I think he always half-suspected he might have to use them to defend his freedom at any time.

Before the NWO or the Trilateral commission, we had the communist conspiracy scare. This is well-covered in mainstream history and was personified by Joseph McCarthy who certainly engaged in abuses of power in his pursuit of "Reds" or their sympathizers. Public awareness of these abuses have likely fueled the later manifestations of conspiracy theory. One basic pattern includes hidden overwhelming foes who desire nothing less than to crush and dominate human society. These foes often have infiltrated the government in order to use the government against the people. From communists to Illuminati to alien invaders to Luciferien spiritual armies, the hidden overwhelming foe is a cardinal Fringe archetype.

Being hidden allows the foe to be seen everywhere, to be behind the chaos pulling strings. Conspiracy is as old as language, and where there has been consolidated power there has been abuse of power. Those with power usually seek to maintain it. These truisms give conspiracy theorists a reasonable basis for suspecting that something is going on that does not have the best interests of the common man in mind.

After considering the ongoing human history of imperialist domination and exploitation of other humans, it is easy to see how Fringe theory has arisen. Conspiracy theory reflects the dark side of human experience. It is a Jungian mirror and projection of our Shadow. The symbolism of a few elites manipulating and dominating the masses echoes past feudalism and primeval despotism. Conspiracy theory is an organic tableau responding to the tribulations of human greed, sadism, and lack of empathy or compassion. The world is rife with rampant poverty, disease, environmental stress, and human exploitation. In explaining such a severe situation, the mind imagines an equally severe mover behind our predicament. We now enter the snake-pit of smoke, mirrors, contradictions, paradox, misdirection, lies, and paranoia. Many in the Fringe culture explain this by noting that the disinfo is promulgated by those in power to delude or blind the truth seeker. Keep your eyes open!

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