Thursday, January 25, 2007

Proverbial onions

Conspiracy theory can be likened to the proverbial onion with one important twist: each time you peel away a layer, the onion gets larger, more contradictory, more confusing, and far more bizarre. There is no hope of reducing the layers down to a unified core. As one begins to investigate theories about the New World Order (NWO), themes of wealthy elites manipulating the masses for their own selfish ends and rigging capitalism to maximize profits while disregarding human rights lead the seeker to ancient families of Illuminati who have been secretly steering humanity for centuries. The Freemasons are usually implicated at about this point, along with the Vatican, the Mormons, and the Scientologists.

The onion is now very hard to perceive through the contradictions and chaotic tangles of connections and control that comprise the Illuminati's power. One might conclude that it is impossible to find a deeper level of explanation. However, peeling away another layer we find that the Illuminati are actually working for aliens. The aliens have either come to conquer earth from another solar system, from within the Moon or Mars, or they were alien visitors somehow stranded on Earth thousands of years ago. They are often felt to be responsible for manipulating humanity since culture began.

Some disagree with the alien theories, placing their bets on lost magi from Atlantis who have worked to control humanity after they destroyed their land in a terrible cataclysm. The more spiritually focused speak of fallen angels who seek to foster chaos and suffering - pure evil in action.

There are hybrids of these individual theories. Sometimes the aliens were just mistaken for fallen angels, giving rise to myths of giants or demons. The aliens may have settled in Atlantis first, only moving towards dominating the rest of humanity after destroying their first outpost. The aliens/demons may have actually created the human race by genetic engineering or interbreeding.

To summarize: Aliens, Annunaki, Nephilim, Greys, Angels, Altantians, and Illuminati are working to enact their secret plans by controlling multinational corporations, the Vatican, Freemasons, Scientologists, Satanists, and most Governments. They have almost succeeded with their master plan which involves serious suffering and possibly the extinction of humanity.

This tangle of ideas seems mostly overwhelming and depressing. While information sources sometimes provide ideas for resisting the secret plans or other positive courses of action, many just provide the distressing information leaving the reader to sort through the emotional trauma of such shocking ideas. Some conspiracy theorists think that perhaps all this NWO info is disinfo designed to depress and suppress the curious while distracting them from what is really going on!

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