Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Thank you for reading the Fringe Reporter. I hope to be able to provide an interesting glimpse into the seductive world of hidden agenda, conspiratorial mystery, alternative history and occult connections that have populated the Internet. My exposure to conspiracy began as a young child listening to my grandfather grouse about the Bildebergers, the Trilateralists, and the NWO. While I usually chuckled to myself during these rants, they must have had a significant impact on me as I have found a delightful fascination in studying fringe materials as an adult.

Rather than an academic overview, this blog will pursue a serendipitous meandering path through the significant volumes of material on the Internet. My aim is to explore with a gently-skeptical agnostic open mind. Conspiracy theory and occult ideas provide a wonderful lens into aspects of the human mind when approached from a psychodynamic framework. I do not plan to focus on whether the theories and ideas discussed have a basis in reality or are paranoid projections. I am interested in the meanings assigned to these ideas and the humanity that produces them. This topic is a rabbit-hole which can be overwhelming and intimidating. The topics of these ideas often deal with negative or alarming concepts that speak to the alienation and hidden fears of modern man. I hope you will be able to see the intricate beauty and creativity in these stories and ideas. Who knows, some of the stories might even be true!


Anonymous said...

Given the sociopolitical climate of the 20th century, tales of aliens, evil governments, and secret societies are hardly surprising.

When approached from symbols analisys, you can see parallels between many of our modern stories and those of the past. Aliens are the new bogey people. Secret societies made up of the wealthiest and most influential people hark back to Poe's (and other's) stories about the gross disparity between the rich and the poor.

Today's stories though, are sometimes incredibly complex. Part of this has to be due to the world going through two world wars, the advent of the nuclear age, awareness of ecology and our place in it, drastic changes in culture due to the automobile and plane, plus a zillion other things too numerous to list here.

I look forward to seeing more of your thoughts!

Fringe said...

The stories are interesting! Who knows, some may even be true...